The Broken Angels Grief Support Group

Compassionate Support For Mothers When a Child Has Died From Substance Abuse 

The Parklander

May 2011

Finding Comfort

Written by Nancy Quinn

"When Kohn's son Brian Fox, age 21, died of an overdose, she struggled. "In that first year after his his death, I felt very alone," she says. "Since we started this group, I have felt a tremendous amount of support. Helping  other people Helped me a lot, too. We laugh, too. This is a very safe place. We can talk about our children. Other people don't know what to say. They feel so bad if we talk about our children, it's as if we ruined their day"

Just a few words from our articles in the news:

Sun-Sentinel/Coral Springs Forum

February 24, 2011

By Arun Sivasankaran

Broken Angels support each other after children's death

"Our members say this is their lifeline". Everyone needs some help during the bad days. It helps to surround yourself with people who have been through the same situation. The group is a loving and supportive environment. "Being with other women who share my pain has helped me heal"

​ The Sun-Sentine

Crime and Safety
​ A Different Kind of Blue
by: Linda Trischitta
​January 31st, 2011

If tragedy strikes, there are many support groups available for those who have lost children or spouses.But what if your offspring or young adult child dies from a drug overdose? How do you deal with feelings of guilt, anger and grief, or even the judgment that others may express? The Broken Angels Support Group was formed 8 months ago to cope with what Kohn called a complex set of emotions that came after their sons died from drug abuse.“All of us have had troubled children,” said Kohn about Broken Angels’ members, “and for most of us, there were very difficult years leading up to the child’s death. “It’s just been such an amazing experience,” Kohn said of the gatherings. “Members tell us they don’t know how they would get through it otherwise."
 The late Brian Fox and his mother, Janet Kohn