The Broken Angels Grief Support Group

Compassionate Support For Mothers When a Child Has Died From Substance Abuse 

The Crystal Angel


by Janet Kohn

Imagine you are a Crystal Angel and a rock has been thrown at you. 

You have been shattered and believe you are beyond repair.

Now imagine that "Time" is an artist who intends to repair you.

Piece by piece your shards are glued back together.

It is extremely laborious and time consuming.

After much work, your pieces are starting to come together and you recognize yourself again.

There are still many pieces left and a few which are so severely crushed they will never fit properly. 

Eventually, you are no longer a Broken Angel - you have been repaired.

Most people will not notice the glue and tiny cracks.

You will never be exactly the same, however, when light shines through your Crystal, you still sparkle and are quite beautiful.